Skin Tag Removal

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Skin tags, milia, ruby points are unsightly harmless skin issues that can be easily removed. The Lamprobe uses a mild current to gently coagulate or vaporize the lesions leaving the skin underneath unharmed. The treated area may be slightly pink or scabby but is should resolve itself within a week.

Medical Grade Peels

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With multiple chemical peels to choose from, Rewind MedSpa has the answer to every skin type, even the most sensitive. Professional chemical peels can range from light peels with little to no downtime, to deeper peels with downtime of a week in most cases. Depending on your concerns and lifestyle we can customize a series of peels… Read more »


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ALL-NATURAL SENSITIVE FREE TEETH WHITENING. SunnaSmile was made for people who love white teeth, but suffer for weeks after traditional whitening. With SunnaSmile you can have the bright smile without any pain or fuss. Whiten while cooking, cleaning or relaxing!   Visit Website   

Guinot Hydradermie Facial

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This is a highly customized treatment to target your skins individual needs.  This treatment uses gentle electronic energy. The thermal wand stimulates natural collagen development, increases oxygen, diminishes bacteria, decreasing congestion and promotes healing. Benefits include increased radiance, deep cleansing, ultra moisturizing and deep penetration of active ingredients. Treatment also includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, and… Read more »

Guinot Vital Energy Lift

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With age, our muscles weaken, and facial tone loses vitality. This treatment creates a natural facelift using electronic muscle stimulation. Visibly rejuvenates facial features using anti-aging, tissue draining procedures while boosting muscle tone. It’s like a workout for the face! Treatment also includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, and mask. This treatment helps the… Read more »

Cold Laser

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This 3-step, rejuvenation system starts by using a variable-speed rotating tip coated with sapphire granules to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin gently and painlessly.  The skin then receives a customized treatment product followed by an infrared light mask to allow deeper penetration into the skin.  Then a cold laser light with microcurrent is… Read more »

Skin Rejuvenation

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Rejuvenate your skin and give yourself a more youthful look. Treatment involves reducing the appearance of brown spots, age spots, freckles, redness, mild wrinkling, and enlarged pores by using the IPL system. A series of gentle passes over your skin can be done every 3 weeks. For best results, 4 to 8 treatments are needed.

Acne Treatment

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Treats acne bacteria and deeper acne along with redness and inflammation. Treatment helps control breakouts and can also be used for oil control. Acne treatments should be once a week for 4 to 5 weeks for best results. Within 1 to 2 treatments, results should be noticeable.

Age Defy Series

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This 4 in 1 advanced anti-aging treatment starts with a Customize Peel then goes into Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening and Fractional Resurfacing (wrinkle reduction). This Series will give you a a more youthful, refreshed appearance! This series is spaced every four weeks apart and will encourage collagen production & new skin cell growth.

Hair Removal

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Laser light is absorbed by the hair follicle and shaft, impairing that hair’s ability to grow. A refreshing crystal cooling process ensures the skin remains unharmed throughout the laser hair removal treatment. For best results, 4 to 8 treatments, with 4 to 12 weeks intervals is recommended.